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Friday, 24 July 2020 17:36

The Record Heat in Siberia Was Investigated by an International Team with the Participation Of Scientists From Shirshov Institute of Oceanology of RAS

In June 2020, a record hot weather was set in Siberia with anomalies in the Verkhoyansk region that had not been observed for about 100 years. This local anomaly became a continuation of the global heat anomaly in Siberia, starting in January 2020.

An international team of scientists from the UK Hydrometeorological Service, the Royal Meteorological Institute of the Netherlands, the Meteorological Services of Germany and France, the University of Ohford, the University of Technology of Zurich, the University of Grenoble and Shirhov Institute of Oceanology of RAS (Olga Zolina) conducted a joint study of this climatic phenomenon. It was found that this anomaly contributed to an increase in the average temperature of 2020 to 2 of the highest in the entire history of observations for the period from January to May.

The highest maximum daily temperature in June 2020 was recorded for Verkhoyansk, located in the Arctic Circle. An analysis of observational data and climate modeling results allowed scientists to conclude that anthropogenic climate change played a critical role for both extreme events (a prolonged six-month heat wave and a record daily temperature in June 2020 in Verkhoyansk).

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Average temperature anomaly from January to June 2020
compared with the period 1981-2010.
The maximum anomaly for a six-month period is about 8 degrees
in the north of Central Siberia.