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About the laboratory

Laboratory of numerical experiments in ocean dynamics

Boris Kagan
Boris Kagan
Dmitrii  Romanenkov
Dmitrii Romanenkov

The laboratory was founded in 1973 and was headed by DSc B.A. Kagan. The main activity is focused on the study of problems of ocean geophysical hydrodynamics using numerical models. Since 2014 to the present time the Laboratory is headed by Dr. D.A. Romanenkov.

Staff of the Laboratory:

  • Dmitrii Romanenkov, Head of Lab, PhD
  • Boris Kagan, Chief Scientist, Professor
  • Alexey Androsov, Senior Scientist, DSc, PhD
  • Naum Voltzinger, Senior Scientist
  • Igor Kovchin, Chief Scientist, DSc, PhD
  • Dmitry Sein, Senior Scientist, PhD
  • Ekaterina Sofjina, Senior Scientist, PhD
  • Andrey Timofeev, Scientist
  • Inna Serjegina, Engineer

Previous studies (2011-2015):

  • Modeling of the surface and internal tides in the Arctic Ocean
  • Impact of the spatial inhomogeneity of the bottom hydrodynamic roughness on tidal dynamics and energetics in shallow seas and coastal waters
  • A spectral method of numerical solution of non-hydrostatic hydrodynamic models with an open boundary
  • Modeling of non-hydrostatic hydrodynamics in case of catastrophic natural coastal destruction
  • Modelling of nonlinear internal waves in the White sea

New studies:

  • Modeling of surface and internal tides in the Barents and Kara Seas
  • Development of non-hydrostatic models of straits and regions of the shelf of the World Ocean
  • Tidal changes of the Arctic seas climate

It is planned to study the spatial structure of the dissipation of baroclinic tidal energy and tidal diapycnic mixing in the Barents and Kara Seas. Dynamic and energy characteristics of surface and internal semidiurnal tides in the Barents and Kara Seas will be obtained. The turbulent diffusion coefficients will be compared for cases of combined (wind + thermohaline) and total (combined + tidal) forcing. The result of the comparison will be used to assess the tidal contribution in formation of a regional climate of marine systems. A general approach to the construction of reliable and adequate models of the dynamics and hydrology of the regions of the World Ocean with pronounced morphometry will be developed. Reasonable way to numerical solving the full non-hydrostatic problem is 1) to distinguish the sub-regions where non-hydrostatics is substantial and 2) then to link the non-hydrostatic solution here with the solution of hydrostatic, primitive, equations in the rest larger area of the region. The implementation of such models with high grid detailization will need parallel calculations to reproduce the fine vertical structure, process of vertical mixing and spreading of organic matter, mineral suspensions and radioactive substances. Applications of the developed approach will be presented for modeling of non-hydrostatic dynamics and hydrology in some straits, straits of archipelagoes and shelf-slope regions. The quality of the modeling will be evaluated.

Ongoing projects:

  • «Phenomena and processes of an arctic tidal sea in the submesoscale range of variability». Grant of Russian Foundation for Basic Research (RFBR), 15-05-04639а, 2015-2017 (D. Romanenkov).
  • «Tidally induced diapycnal diffusion and tidal changes in regional marine system climates using the Kara Sea as an example». Grant RFBR 17-05-00263a, 2017-2019, head B.Kagan.

List of published scientific articles, monographs and textbooks since 2014

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