The Main Tasks of the Department

Information Technology Department

Design, development and support of information technology and telecommunication systems for the activities of the Institute;
Ensuring the security of the corporate network and information resources of the Institute of Oceanology against attempts of unauthorized access, as well as programmatic and mathematical influences of users of information systems connected to international information channels, including the Internet;
Organization and maintenance of control over the activities of departments and persons in charge of IT issues in the branches and bases of the fleet;
Implementation of research and development projects of information technology systems for collecting, processing and transmitting information; databases for collection, storage and selection of oceanographic data arrays;
Development of interactive forms of scientific and technical information;
Ensuring control over the use of information and telecommunication resources; acceptance for storage of the received experimental and scientific data of the IO RAS from scientific expeditions, information of general use, which is the result of the activities of various departments in accessible and up-to-date databases, automation of the processes of producing this information and keeping it up to date;
Creation and implementation of information and analytical systems for accounting for scientific activities, an electronic document management system (EDMS), which includes branches and departments, to ensure the scientific process and reflect official information and rating indicators on the activities of the IO RAS on the Internet;
Information and technical support for the editorial and publishing activities of the IO RAS.
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