The History of the Department

Information Technology Department 

In the early 90s, within the framework of the international cooperation program on the use of satellite methods for studying bioproductivity from ocean color data, in order to provide technical support for the SeaWiFS project, the Ocean Optics Laboratory carried out work to create a network infrastructure and interact with the Goddard Space Fligth Center with NASA Internet for the exchange and processing of satellite data - Russian Space Science Internet

At the Ocean Optics Laboratory, with the support of the national program for the development of information systems and databases (RFBR), work was carried out to form a communication center and a computing scientific network of the IO RAS with a connection to the Russian Space Scientific Network Internet (RSSI), connecting the Russian scientific community via satellite channels NASA-Internet with the international segment of the Internet. The result of this work was the creation in 1996 of a network group at the Institute of Oceanology, and in 1997 of a new structure - the Information Technology Department, under the leadership of S. Sviridov.

The launch of the node and the high-speed communication channel via fiber-optic cable was made on the day of the celebration of the 50th anniversary of the Institute of Oceanology in 1996.

Gradually, all the basic information resources necessary to ensure the functionality of the network corporate infrastructure of the Institute of Oceanology were formed, including postal and cloud resources and WEB portals - and In the future, the range of activities has expanded and is reflected in the main directions of activities and tasks of the Department.

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