Key results in dates

Information Technology Department

1994-1996 - preparatory period for the formation of the telecommunication infrastructure of the IO RAS;

1997 - the official creation of the Information Technology Department, the creation of a data transmission node and the connection of fiber-optic communication lines through the UMOS backbone to the Russian Space Scientific Internet (RSSI) and NASA-Internet;

1997 - creation of an official website;

1999 - 2005 - development of a new version of the official website, and the formation of a WEB-design group, head of the group is A. Metalnikov (senior researcher, PhD);

2001 - the group of designers-developers of electronic systems for operational oceanology was created, the executive officer - chief specialist V. Soloviev;

2003 - created an electronic repository of research data on oceanology – OceanDB;

2006 - completed the creation of a complex for storing research data on oceanology based on a DBMS ORACLE;

2006 - a coastal underwater observatory was created as a means of environmental monitoring of the water column and the seabed of the coastal water area. The measuring complex is installed on the pier in Golubaya Bay of the Southern Branch of the IO RAS. To implement the project, a high-speed fiber-optic backbone network of the South Branch was designed and built, which is the basic infrastructure for ensuring its operation, connecting the directorate building, the Department of Coastal Research of the South Branch of the IO RAS, a hangar and a pier with a hub installed on it for connecting measuring complexes;

2007 - the first results were obtained under the ESIMO project carried out under the leadership of VNIIGMI - MCD of Roshydromet;

2008 -2009 - modernization of the telephone distribution network of the Institute was carried out and the analog ATS was replaced by a modern digital PBX NEC2000IPS, integrated into the telecommunications network of the Institute, which ensures the use of data transmission channels based on PRI (E1) and VoIP;

2012 - the ESIMO-RAS Center was put into operation, formed from a complex of high-performance servers and data storage systems, located in the server rooms of the Information Technology Department; The ESIMO - RAS Center is designed to solve the problems of providing operational information about the state of the World Ocean. Within the framework of this project, geographically distributed information subsystems and complexes, databases and GIS were created, which include the work of a large team of scientists and engineers, which allows accumulating data, both in significant sea areas and over extended periods of research;

In 2016, a failover cluster was created and the maximum possible virtualization of the IO RAS data center was carried out based on the technical possibility of server compatibility for processor support of the VMware ESXi software product in tandem with the VMware / vSphere virtual infrastructure backup tool - Veeam Backup and Replication. As a result, the following advantages were achieved: the flexibility of the IT infrastructure of the data center increased, the reliability increased, the high availability of servers was ensured, the savings in hardware were achieved, the network storages were assembled on new media with a total capacity of 60 TB. At the beginning of 2017, 20 virtual resources were deployed as part of an ESXi cluster and 20 on OpenVZ;

In March 2017, the Editorial office of the scientific journal "Oceanological Research" was created, Editor-in-Chief, DSc (Physical and Mathematical Sciences), Professor A. Kostyanoy, Managing Editor S. Sviridov;

In March 2017, a new Editorial Board of the official website was formed;

In August 2017, a new version of the IO RAS official website was put into trial operation. 

On April 27, 2017, by Order No. 44, a decision was made to register the Journal of Oceanological Research with the Ministry of Communications of the Russian Federation and the composition of the Editorial Board. An action plan for the organization of a network electronic publication was approved. The first issue of the restored journal is scheduled for December 2017.

08/30/2017 Received 2 Certificates of registration of the mass media in the Ministry of Communications of the Russian Federation: scientific Journal of Oceanological Research:
- PI No. ФС77-70834 view - periodical printed edition,
- El No. ФС77-70841 view - online edition
Languages: Russian, English. Distribution area Russian Federation, foreign countries. The meeting of the Editorial Board took place: Documents were adopted on the Procedure for the preparation and submission of manuscripts to the journal, the algorithm for passing manuscripts in the electronic edition system was approved. A one-sided blind editing mode has been approved (the authors do not know the reviewers) and manuscripts are checked for anti-plagiarism.

On 10/01/2017, the development was completed and the official interactive website of the scientific Journal of Oceanological Research with a personal account for authors and reviewers was launched.

On October 20, 2017, an agreement was signed with the non-profit partnership "National Electronic Information Consortium" (NP "NEIKON") for the provision of services for connecting to the Crossref international system of bibliographic references and an agreement with Publishers International Linking Association Inc. on membership and cooperation with Crossref on the registration of metadata of published content in a scientific journal of the IO RAS.

31.10.2017 ITAR-TASS: The branch of the Russian Book Chamber restored the ISSN number of the journal published in print form since 1959 - ISSN 1564-2291 and registered the ISSN number for the online version of the journal ISSN 2587-9634.

February 24, 2017 The first working meeting of the Editorial Board of the Journal of Oceanological Research was held. The results of the review of the articles of the first issue of volume No. 45 of the Journal of Oceanological Research, prepared for release 25 years after the publication of the journal was discontinued in 1993, were approved.

On December 25, 2017, the first issue of volume No. 45 of the Journal of Oceanological Research was signed for publication.

In December 2018, the work of the Publishing House of the Institute of Oceanology was restored (ISBN: 978-5-9901449) Order No. 2880 "k" of December 21, 2018 On the restoration of the work of the IO RAS Publishing House.

In December 2021, the Institute installed a hardware-software complex for automatic data processing, which is a distributed high-performance system of managed switches connected by a high-speed (10 Gb / s) optical network with redundancy of vertical and horizontal interfloor channels.

A SCN (a scientific communication node with a firewall system) is installed in the Data Processing Center, which provides high-speed processing and data exchange at speeds:
- at the network core level up to 40-100 Gb / s,
- at the level of data aggregation up to 40 Gb / s,
- at the access level 1-10 Gb / s.


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