Department structure

Information Technology Department

Given the diversity and wide range of activities of the IT Department, employees are grouped according to their functional responsibilities into different groups covering different areas of the Division's activities. Employees of other departments of the Institute participate in the work of groups in certain areas.


Yu. Novikov Chief Specialist, Head of service
A. Sokolov Leading Engineer, EDS System Administrator
R. Puido Senior Engineer, System Administrator AD DC, EDS
I. Mishchenkov Senior Engineer, corporate network System Administrator



A. Muratov Senior Engineer, System Administrator ESXi, DNS, Mail, Group Leader
A. Popov Leading Engineer, CISCO Systems Engineer
A. Pokryshkin Chief Specialist, System Administrator of TrueConf video conferencing and video broadcast server resources



S. Shapovalov PhD, Head of NCOTS RAS, Head of the Center ESIMO RAS
S. Sviridov Deputy Head of the ESIMO Center - RAS
Yu. Novikov Chief Specialist, System Adminisdtrator
A. Muratov Senior Engineer, System Administrator



A. Metalnikov Senior Researcher, PhD, Group Leader
I. Novikova Chief Specialist, Content Manager
R. Puido Senior Engineer, webmaster
E. Serdceva Chief Specialist, Content Manager
I. Umanskaya Chief Specialist, Content Manager



Yu. Novikov Chief Specialist
A. Sokolov Leading Engineer
A. Muratov Senior Engineer



S. Sviridov Sviridov Chief Editor, head of IT Department
A. Falina Deputy Editor-in-Chief, Scientific Secretary of the IO RAS
A. Metalnikov

Member of the Editorial Board, Senior Researcher of IT department, Head of WEB projects group

I. Umanskaya Secretary, Chief Specialist of IT Department

Technical support service of the official website:
A. Muratov Senior Engineer of the IT Department - Systems Programmer
I. Novikova Chief Specialist of the IT Department - Content Manager
R. Puido Senior Engineer of the IT Department - Systems Programmer
E. Serdceva Chief Specialist of the IT Department - Content Manager



A. Lukashin Senior Communications Engineer, Group Leader
A. Smirnov Communications Specialist, PBX System Administrator NEC2000IPS


I. Umanskaya Chief Specialist, Group Leader
E. Serdceva Chief Specialist



A. Sokolov Lead Engineer, Group Leader
R. Puido Senior Engineer



A. Kostianoy Chief Editor, DSc (Physical and Mathematical Sciences), Professor
S. Sviridov Head of the IT Department, Head of the Editorial Office
O. Pintar Chief Specialist of IT Department, Editor
Yu. Vorobyova Chief specialist, Literary editor
N. Shishkina  Researcher, Laboratory of Geophysical Fields (proofreading and layout)
N. Lyakhova  Chief specialist, Designer-typesetter of printing
 E. Danilin  Chief specialist, System administrator
A. Muratov Senior Engineer of IT Department, Journal portal System administrator

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