Lobkovsky Leopold Isaevich
Deputy Director of the Geological direction
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Miscellaneous Information:

geophysicist, corresponding member of the RAS (2008), doctor of physical and mathematical Sciences (1985), member of the European Academy (2000), academician of the RANS (1996), since 1994 - head of the Laboratory of seismology and geodynamics, since 1993 - Deputy Director of Institute of Oceanology for Geological direction.

In 1972 he graduated from the Mechanics and mathematics faculty of Moscow state University. In the same year he entered the postgraduate studies of the IO AS, from which he graduated in 1975, having defended a thesis entitled "Geomechanical model of subduction zones". He consistently passed the stage of junior, senior, leading, chief research officer, becoming in 1993 the Deputy Director of the Institute of Oceanology for geological direction.

In 1985 he defended his doctoral thesis "the Nature of geodynamic processes, geophysical fields and seismicity in zones of spreading and subduction".

Scientific interests are connected with the use of different methods of continuum mechanics to the solution of major problems of geology, geophysics, geodynamics and oceanography. He formulated a new concept of bunk plate tectonics, embodying the classic platetectonics paradigm taking into account rheological and tectonic stratification of the lithosphere; first he developed a quantitative ("key") model of the cycles of the strongest tsunamigenic earthquakes, occurring in island arcs and active continental margins, which is the mechanical and mathematical basis for explanation and prediction of catastrophic earthquakes and tsunamis.

He organized the new innovative direction of the development of a comprehensive marine research of the IO RAS in the interests of the development of hydrocarbon resources of the Russian shelf. He created the Caspian branch of the IO RAS in Astrakhan with the purpose of carrying out complex studies of the Caspian Sea and scientific support of large-scale oil and gas projects in the Northern and Middle Caspian.

He is the author of over 250 scientific papers and 10 monographs. There was a broad recognition of the book "Geodynamics of spreading zones, subduction and plate tectonics bunk" (1988). The major summarizing work is the monograph (written jointly with V.E.Khain and A.M.Nikishin) "Modern problems of geotectonics and geodynamics" (2004).


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