Brief video encyclopedia of the P.P.Shirshov Institute of Oceanology RAS

The staff of the video studio "IORAN" offers to your attention a "scientific series" (from 21 series) dedicated to our organization. We called this project the "Brief Video Encyclopedia of the IO RAS" (KVE).

Rollers are created on the basis of the film, shot by the Video Studio "IORAN" to the 70th anniversary of the Institute. Our film is made on the principle of a designer, that is, it is not a one-time phenomenon, but according to the plan of the creators - a project that is constantly updated. Anyone who wants to, thanks to the KVE, will be able to get acquainted with updating information on the work of the Institute today, on the activities of its branches, and gain knowledge about the history of our organization. Let briefly, but in the dynamics, we tried to talk about a large body of information collected on the occasion of the Institute's jubilee from various sources. The volume of rollers does not exceed 2-3 minutes. It will be quite easy to develop this project. Video materials of the new expedition, a video clip, underwater or aerial video footage and comments to them, and now a new chapter appears in our encyclopedia. Links to 21 videos below in the stream.

Wishes and comments can be left directly under the videos in the comments youtube. Also you can visit the Studio page in the FB:

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