Laboratory of hydrological processes


Head: Prof. E.G. Morozov
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E.G. Morozov, list of publications

The main areas of research

  • Circulation and internal waves influenced by topography and ice cover.
  • Currents in the abyssal channels of the Atlantic (Vema and Hunter channels; Romanche, Chain, and Vema fracture zones; Kane and Discovery gaps)
  • Internal tides
  • Inertial oscillations

Polar oceanography group

  • Large- and mesoscale processes in the Arctic Ocean
  • Water masses of the North Atlantic, their climatic variations and thermohaline circulation

Dynamic processes modeling group

  • Operational monitoring systems of the hydrological fields in the Russian seas
  • Numerical models of perturbations in the marine environment



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Абиссальные каналы в Атлантике и схема потоков антарктической донной воды


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