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03 февраля 2020

Семинар по программе GEOTRACES

7 февраля 2020 года в 12:00 в Большом конференц-зале ИО РАН в рамках Ученого совета Физического направления и семинара Геологического направления пройдет семинар по программе GEOTRACES. Achterberg geotraces

Повестка дня:

  • Доклад Prof. Dr. Eric Achterberg
    member of the international GEOTRACES program,
    Chemical Oceanography GEOMAR, Helmholtz Centre for Ocean Research Kiel and Christian-Albrechts University Kiel, Germany.


Experimental work in laboratories and at sea provides important detail on biogeochemical processes and (micro)-nutrient limitation of ocean productivity. Whilst forcing variables can be carefully manipulated in bottle and mesocosm experiments, artefacts may occur due to exclusion of parts of plankton communities, contamination and/or ´bottle´ effects. Biogeochemical process observations across biogeochemical gradients as part of section cruises form an elegant alternative. In this talk, I will present examples of how cruises linked to the SOLAS and GEOTRACES programmes are providing excellent platforms for observations of changes in biogeochemical processes as a consequence of strong geochemical gradients. I will present geochemical gradients related to volcanic, dust, glacier and river inputs and their impacts on ocean biology. I will explore variations in nitrogen fixation, (micro)-nutrient limitation of microbial communities, and iron cycling related to changes in supply of (micro)-nutrients and oxygen.
The improved process understanding and quantification can be used for projections of biogeochemical processes in a future ocean.

Ведущий семинара: член-корр. РАН, проф. П.О. Завьялов
Вступительное слово: М.Д. Кравчишина (SSC member of the international GEOTRACES program)