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В издательстве «Springer» вышла книга «Antarctic Peninsula Region of the Southern Ocean»

В издательстве «Springer» вышла книга « Antarctic Peninsula Region of the Southern Ocean» Oceanography and Ecology, редакторы книги сотрудники Института океанологии им. П.П. Ширшова Российской академии наук Евгений Георгиевич Морозов, Михаил Владимирович Флинт, Василий Альбертович Спиридонов.

Книга посвящена результатам исследований в Антарктике в экспедиции на НИС «Академик Мстислав Келдыш» (79 рейс) в 2019-2020 гг. Antarctic Peninsula

Morozov E.G., Flint M.V., Spiridonov V.A. (eds)
Antarctic Peninsula Region of the Southern Ocean. Advances in Polar Ecology, vol 6. Springer, Cham. 2021. DOI:10.1007/978-3-030-78927-5_1

ISBN: 978-3-030-78926-8
Год издания: 2021
Кол-во страниц: 455.
Издательство: Springer Nature

The book is based on results from the Russian expedition in the region of the Antarctic Peninsula and Powell Basin in the northern part of the Weddell Sea, as well as on the review of earlier research in the region. The main goal of the research was to collect the newest data and study the physical properties and ecology of this key region of the Southern Ocean. Data analysis is supplemented with numerical modeling of the atmosphere-ocean interaction and circulation in the adjacent region, including research on rogue waves.
The focus of the study was the Antarctic Circumpolar Current, currents and water properties in the Bransfield Strait and Antarctic Sound, properties of seawater, currents, ecosystem and biological communities in the Powell Basin of the northwestern Weddell Sea, and their variations.
An attempt is made to reveal the role of various components of the Antarctic environment in the formation of biological productivity and maintenance of the Antarctic krill population. This is especially important as in the last decades the Antarctic environment has experienced significant changes related to the global climatic trends.

Table of contents (29 chapters)

Front Matter   PDF
Pages i-xvi

Atmosphere-Ocean Interaction and Physical Oceanography

Front Matter   PDF
Pages 1-1

Geostrophic and Wind-Driven Components of the Antarctic Circumpolar Current
Nikolay A. Diansky, Varvara V. Bagatinskaya, Anatoly V. Gusev, Eugene G. Morozov
Pages 3-20

Multi-jet Structure of the Antarctic Circumpolar Current
Roman Yu Tarakanov
Pages 21-29

Frontal Zone Between Relatively Warm and Cold Waters in the Northern Weddell Sea
Eugene G. Morozov, Viktor A. Krechik, Dmitry I. Frey, Alexander A. Polukhin, Vladimir A. Artemiev, Valentina V. Kasyan et al.
Pages 31-53

Water Masses, Currents, and Phytoplankton in the Bransfield Strait in January 2020
Eugene G. Morozov, Dmitry I. Frey, Viktor A. Krechik, Alexander A. Polukhin, Philipp V. Sapozhnikov
Pages 55-64

Intra-annual Variability of Water Structure in the Atlantic Sector of the Southern Ocean Based on the ECMWF ORA-S3 and OI SST Reanalysis
Yuri V. Artamonov, Elena A. Skripaleva, Alexander V. Fedirko, Nikolay V. Nikolsky
Pages 65-82

The Circulation and Mixing Zone in the Antarctic Sound in February 2020
Alexander V. Krek, Elena V. Krek, Viktor A. Krechik
Pages 83-99

Rogue Waves in the Drake Passage: Unpredictable Hazard
Ekaterina G. Didenkulova, Tatiana G. Talipova, Efim N. Pelinovsky
Pages 101-114

Water Mass Transformation in the Powell Basin
Alina A. Fedotova, Svetlana V. Stepanova
Pages 115-129

Interannual Variations of Water Mass Properties in the Central Basin of the Bransfield Strait
Alina A. Fedotova, Sergey V. Kashin
Pages 131-141

Sea Surface Temperature and Ice Concentration Analysis Based on the NOAA Long-Term Satellite and Sea-Truth Data in the Atlantic Antarctic
Viktor V. Zamshin, Vladislav A. Shliupikov
Pages 143-155

Chemical Oceanography, Seawater Optical Properties, Productivity and Microbial Processes

Front Matter   PDF
Pages 157-157

Hydrochemical Structure of Waters in the Northern Weddell Sea in Austral Summer 2020
Svetlana V. Stepanova, Alexander A. Polukhin, Gennadii V. Borisenko, Anna L. Chultsova, Evgeniia N. Marina, Oleg S. Popov et al.
Pages 159-174

Features and Processes of the Oxygen and pCO2 Dynamics in the Surface Waters in the Western Parts of the Weddell and Scotia Seas (Southern Ocean)
Natalia A. Orekhova, Anna V. Vidnichuk, Sergey K. Konovalov
Pages 175-185

Earth’s Insolation and Spatiotemporal Variability of Albedo in the Antarctic
Anton A. Bukatov, Margarita V. Babiy
Pages 187-196

Quantitative and Productional Characteristics of Microplankton in the Powell Basin and Bransfield Strait in Summer
Nadezda D. Romanova, Sergey A. Mosharov, Olga V. Vorobieva, Elena V. Bardyukova
Pages 197-207

Detection of Thermophilic Methanotrophic Microbial Communities in the Water Column of the Bransfield Strait (Antarctica)
Anna L. Ponomareva, Nikita S. Polonik, Aleksandra V. Kim, Renat B. Shakirov
Pages 209-215

Spectral Bio-optical Properties of Waters in the Bransfield Strait and Powell Basin
Tanya Ya Churilova, Nataliia A. Moiseeva, Tatiana V. Efimova, Vladimir A. Artemiev, Elena Y. Skorokhod, Anatoly S. Buchelnikov
Pages 217-228

Variability of Seawater Optical Properties in the Adjacent Water Basins of the Antarctic Peninsula in January and February 2020
Alexandr A. Latushkin, Vladimir A. Artemiev, Anton V. Garmashov, Pavel A. Salyuk, Inna V. Sahling, Dmitry I. Glukhovets
Pages 229-240

Bio-Optical Models for Estimating Euphotic Zone Depth in the Western Atlantic Sector of the Southern Ocean in the Antarctic Summer
Pavel A. Salyuk, Vladimir A. Artemiev, Dmitry I. Glukhovets, Alexander N. Khrapko, Anatoly V. Grigoriev, Alexandr A. Latushkin et al.
Pages 241-250

Phycoerythrin Pigment Distribution in the Upper Water Layer Across the Weddell-Scotia Confluence Zone and Drake Passage
Pavel A. Salyuk, Dmitry I. Glukhovets, Alexander Yu. Mayor, Natalia A. Moiseeva, Vladimir A. Artemiev, Alexander N. Khrapko
Pages 251-259

Nanophytoplankton in the Bransfield Strait: Contribution of Cryptophyta to the Community Abundance and Biomass During Austral Summer
Vladimir S. Mukhanov, Evgeny G. Sakhon, Aleksander A. Polukhin, Vladimir A. Artemiev
Pages 261-276

Section Marine Ecosystems and Their Oceanographical Background

Front Matter   PDF
Pages 277-277

Phytopelagic Communities of the Powell Basin in the Summer of 2020
Philipp V. Sapozhnikov, Olga Yu. Kalinina, Tatiana V. Morozova
Pages 279-306

Bioluminescence in the Atlantic Sector of the Southern Ocean Based on the Field Observations and Sounding Data
Aleksandr V. Melnik, Viktor V. Melnikov, Lidiya A. Melnik, Olga V. Mashukova, Sergei V. Kapranov
Pages 307-320

Parasites as an Inseparable Part of Antarctic and Subantarctic Marine Biodiversity
Tatyana A. Polyakova, Ilya I. Gordeev
Pages 321-354

Spatial Distribution, Species Composition, and Number of Seabirds in the Argentine Basin, Drake Passage, East of Antarctic Peninsula, and Powell Basin in January–March 2020
Sergey P. Kharitonov, Alexander L. Mischenko, Nikolai B. Konyukhov, Alexander E. Dmitriyev, Andrey V. Tretyakov, Gleb Yu. Pilipenko et al.
Pages 355-377

Spatial Distribution, Species Composition, and Number of Marine Mammals in the Argentine Basin, Drake Passage, East of Antarctic Peninsula, and Powell Basin in January–March 2020
Sergey P. Kharitonov, Andrey V. Tretyakov, Alexander L. Mischenko, Nikolai B. Konyukhov, Svetlana M. Artemyeva, Gleb Yu. Pilipenko et al.
Pages 379-397

Meat in the Ocean: How Much and Who Is to Blame?
Sergey P. Kharitonov, Andrey V. Tretyakov, Alexander L. Mischenko
Pages 399-408

Macro- and Mesozooplankton in the Powell Basin (Antarctica): Species Composition and Distribution of Abundance and Biomass in February 2020
Vladimir A. Yakovenko, Vassily A. Spiridonov, Konstantin M. Gorbatenko, Nickolai V. Shadrin, Ernest Z. Samyshev, Natalia I. Minkina
Pages 409-420

Application of Autonomous Underwater Vehicles for Research of Ecosystems in the Southern Ocean
Alexander Yu. Konoplin, Alexey I. Borovik, Denis N. Mikhailov, Yuriy V. Vaulin, Alexander F. Scherbatyuk, Alexey A. Boreiko et al.
Pages 421-432

Heavy Metals and Anthropogenic Radionuclides in the Region of the Antarctic Peninsula
Artem A. Paraskiv, Natalia Yu. Mirzoeva, Nataliya N. Tereshchenko, Vladislav Yu. Proskurnin, Ilya G. Sidorov, Svetlana I. Arkhipova et al.
Pages 433-455


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