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The staff of the IO RAS Video Studio offers you a “scientific serial” (21 episodes) dedicated to our organization. We named this project "Brief Video Encyclopedia of the IO RAS" (KVE).

The videos are based on a film made by the IO RAS Video Studio for the 70th anniversary of the Institute.

The film is made according to the principle of a constructor. As conceived by the creators, this is a project that is constantly updated. Anyone who wishes, thanks to KVE, will be able to get acquainted with the activities of the Institute, its branches, and gain knowledge on the history of our organization. Let it be brief, but in dynamics we tried to tell about a large array of information collected on the occasion of the Institute's anniversary from various sources. The volume of videos does not exceed 2-3 minutes.

It will be quite easy to develop this project. Video materials of the new expedition, a graphic clip, underwater or aerial video footage and comments to them, and now a new chapter appears in our encyclopedia.

Suggestions and comments can be left directly under the videos on youtube pages.

You can also visit the Studio page in FB.

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