Video studio of the IO RAS

The main activities of the studio:

  • Popular science and educational films. Full production cycle.
  • Expedition video filming: scientific voyages, sea animals.
  • Photography: devices, scientific collections, portraits.
  • 3D computer animation.
  • Underwater photography.
  • Video filming of the defense of candidate and doctoral dissertations for the Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation.
  • Participation in popular science film festivals.
  • Education and popularization of science.

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Employees of the video studio of the IO RAS

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The studio staff includes employees with professional cinematographic education and experience in studio and expeditionary conditions.

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Film library

Collection of films of the IO RAS studio, created on the basis of modern expeditions and archival filming. The archive includes dozens of works of various formats: from festival documentaries to popular science videos dedicated to local problems of oceanology.

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