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Editorial board of the site:

Sergey Sviridov, Chief Editor;
Anastasia Falina, Scientific Secretary of IO RAS;
Irina Umanskaya, coordinator - secretary

The Editorial Board of the site is responsible for the content and design, makes decisions on the acceptance and rejection of materials submitted for publication on the site. The activities of the Editorial Board of the official website are regulated by the "Rules of Maintenance of the Official Website of Shirshov Institute of Oceanology of RAS”, approved by Order No. 29 of March 14, 2017.

Technical support of the site:

Muratov A.V., system programmer;
Novikova I.V., content manager, translator;
Puido R.A., system programmer;
Serdtzeva E.V., WEB-designer, site administrator.

The technical service performs the functions of posting operational information on the site as directed by the Editorial Board, and provides information and technical support for the resources of the official site.

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The main task of the IO RAS is a comprehensive study of the World Ocean and the seas of Russia on the basis of the idea of the unity of the physical, chemical, biological and geological processes that take place in them, creating scientific bases for predicting the Earth's climate variability, rational use of marine resources and ensuring environmental safety for the sustainable development of mankind .

The purpose and subject of the Institute's activity is the implementation of fundamental scientific research and applied developments in the field of oceanology using the research fleet, aircraft, underwater and space vehicles and other technical means.

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