Anastasia Falina

Falina Anastasiya

Senior Researcher
PhD (Geographic Sciences)

Experimental Ocean Physics Laboratory
Ocean Physics


36, Nakhimovskiy prospect, Moscow, 117997,
+7(499)124-59-92, internal phone 0309

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In 2001 she graduated from the Department of Oceanology of the Faculty of Geography of M.V. Lomonosov Moscow State University and in the same year she entered the graduate school at the Shirshov Institute of Oceanology of RAS. 

In 2006 she defended the thesis "Interannual variability of the characteristics of water masses and their propagation in the subpolar North Atlantic." She has been working at the Institute of Oceanology since 2001. She has published more than 50 scientific papers, including 25 articles in peer-reviewed scientific journals. 

Scientific interests:

  • water masses and water circulation in the North Atlantic Ocean 
  • winter convection in the Subpolar Circuit of the North Atlantic
  • meridional circulation of water
  • hydrological processes in the Black Sea
  • A hypothesis was confirmed about the renewal of the deep waters of the World Ocean as a result of deep winter convection in the Irminger Sea. Confirmation of this hypothesis, put forward at the beginning of the XX century by F.Nansen, was an important stage in the study of the mechanisms of global inter-ocean circulation of water;
  • The mechanisms of long-term changes in the temperature, salinity, and intensity of the circulation of the waters of the subarctic Atlantic on a scale of decades have been revealed and studied. A close relationship between the characteristics of the entire water column in the region and the intensity of the western atmospheric transport over the Atlantic has been identified and explained;
  • A new method for quantitative assessment of changes in the flow rate of deep and near-bottom currents of the World Ocean was developed, based on the joint use of data from ship sounding of the water column and data on sea level anomalies obtained from satellites;
  • For the first time, on the basis of observational data, the average long-term values of water transport by ocean currents in the subarctic Atlantic are quantitatively estimated, including the intensity and vertical structure of the meridional circulation of water;
  • It is established that in the subarctic Atlantic the transformation of warm waters of the upper link of meridional thermohaline circulation into the cold dense waters of its lower link occurs mainly due to cooling of surface waters in the eastern branch of the Subpolar Cycle.
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