Technical developments, expertise and patents

In the period from 2011 to 2016, the staff of the Institute received more than 100 patents for scientific and technical developments, more than 15 patent applications were registered. In addition, more than 30 certificates of registration of databases and certificates of state registration of rights to software were received, 123 prototypes of equipment were created or modernized.

The staff of the Institute are developing and modernizing technologies for the study and development of the ocean. Technologies developed over the past 6 years are of the following types:

  1. sonar technologies for searching, researching and mapping the morphology of the bottom relief and underwater objects, based on the use of towed (at depths of 0-200 m) and autonomous (at depths of more than 200 m) unmanned submersibles;
  2. video technologies for visual observation, research and mapping of the bottom micro-relief, underwater flora and fauna, inspection of dangerous objects on the seabed, as well as performing underwater operations, based on the use of towed and remotely controlled unmanned submersibles;
  3. manned technologies for integrated underwater observations, research, targeted sampling and performance of underwater operations based on the use of diving methods (at depths of up to 12 m) and underwater deep-sea) manned vehicles;
  4. technologies of operational oceanological hydrophysical observations and illumination of the underwater environment, based on the use of autonomous moving underwater vehicles and transmission of the collected information to spacecraft;
  5. technologies for observing the state of the near-sea atmosphere, including multi-parameter characteristics of cloudiness and radiation fluxes, as well as technologies for measuring energy fluxes at the ocean-atmosphere interface;
  6. technologies of operational oceanological hydrophysical observations and illumination of the underwater environment, based on the use of autonomous mooring stations ("mooring", "lender", ADS, profiler, seismic station) with information transmission channels to spacecraft or coastal posts.

Scientific staff of the Institute are members of a number of expert councils and commissions, conduct expert activities in scientific foundations and committees:

  • Council for the Hydrosphere of the Earth under the FASO of Russia,
  • Scientific Coordination Council of the State Program "Development of shipbuilding and equipment for the development of offshore fields for 2013-2030" of the Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Russian Federation,
  • Council for Hydrophysics RAS,
  • Russian Geographical Society,
  • Russian Geological Society,
  • Marine Mammal Council of Russia,
  • Scientific Council of the RAS Presidium Program 22P,
  • Scientific Council of RAS on Unconventional Renewable Energy Sources,
  • RAS Council on Climate,
  • Russian Science Foundation,
  • Expert Council of the Higher Attestation Commission on Earth Sciences,
  • Russian Committee of the UNESCO International Program for Basic Sciences,
  • Russian Tsunami Commission,
  • Expert Council for the Arctic and Antarctic of the Federation Council of Russia,
  • Scientific and Expert Council of the State Commission for the Development of the Arctic,
  • The Russian delegation on the submission of a Russian application to the UN Commission for the establishment of the outer boundary of the continental shelf in the Arctic by joining sections of the bottom of the Arctic Ocean.

In addition, the researchers of the Institute are regular reviewers of a number of Russian and foreign scientific peer-reviewed journals:

  • «Ichthyology issues»,
  • «Oceanology»,
  • «Fundamental and Applied Hydrophysics»,
  • «Water resources»,
  • «Acoustic magazine»,
  • «Geochemistry»,
  • «Pacific geology»,
  • «Arctic: ecology and economics»,
  • «Moscow University Bulletin. Series 5. Geography»,
  • «Baltica» (Lithuania),
  • «Nature»,
  • «Oceanologia» (Poland),
  • «Exploration of the Earth from space»,
  • «The Handbook of Environmental Chemistry» (ed. Springer, Germany),
  • «Journal of Marine Systems» (ed. Elsevier, Holland),
  • «Journal of Shipping and Ocean Engineering» (USA),
  • «International Journal of Climatology» (USA),
  • Deep-Sea Research (USA),
  • Invertebrate Zoology (Russia),
  • Aquatic invasions (ed. REABIC, Finland) and etc.
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