Department of Oceanology, Faculty of Geography, Lomonosov Moscow State University

baz kaf msu 2The basic departments of the Shirshov Institute of Oceanology of RAS include the Department of Oceanology of the Faculty of Geography of Lomonosov Moscow State University.

The Department of Oceanology at the Faculty of Geography of Moscow State University was organized on the initiative of Professor N.N. Zubov. The well-known explorer of the Arctic, oceanologist Nikolai Nikolaevich Zubov (1885 - 1960) was an almost legendary person: in the past, a graduate of the Naval Cadet Corps, a regular officer of the Imperial Navy, a participant in the Tsushima naval battle, in the First World War - commander of a destroyer.

In the twenties of the last century, N. N. Zubov was one of the first employees of the Floating Marine Scientific Institute, the head of unique Arctic expeditions, later - the director of the State Oceanographic Institute, the author of fundamental works on oceanology. In 1932 N.N. Zubov organized the country's first department of oceanology at the Moscow Hydrometeorological Institute (MHMI) and headed it until 1941. With the beginning of the Great Patriotic War, N. N. Zubov went to the navy, MHMI was evacuated from Moscow, and on his return from evacuation he was transferred to Leningrad (LHMI). In the postwar years, N.N. Zubov, being a professor at the department of land hydrology at the Faculty of Geography of Moscow State University, began to make efforts to create a new department of oceanology in Moscow. His excellent lectures on the ocean sparked an interest in marine science among a group of students in the Department of Terrestrial Hydrology who wished to specialize in oceanology.

On February 14, 1952, the "General meeting of geographers-oceanologists of Moscow University" was held, in which professors, teachers, graduate students and students took part - a total of 34 people. The main issue of the meeting is the organization of an independent department of oceanology at the Faculty of Geography of Moscow State University. The decision of the meeting was supported by the head of the Department of Polar Countries, Professor V. G. Bogorov, the Dean of the Faculty of Geography, Professor K. K. Markov, and the Vice-Rector of the Moscow State University for Natural Sciences, Professor K. A. Salishchev. The first graduation of students-oceanologists took place in the spring of 1953. At the same time, a new department of oceanology was introduced into the structure of the Faculty of Geography. This event coincided with the move of the natural faculties of Moscow State University to new premises built on the Sparrow (in those years - Lenin) mountains.

N. N. Zubov recommended his student, Doctor of Geographical Sciences Alexei Dmitrievich Dobrovolsky (1907 - 1990) for the position of head. Professor A. D. Dobrovolsky permanently headed the department until 1987, when the graduate of the department, Professor Oleg Ivanovich Mamaev (1925 - 1994) became the new head.

S.S. Lappo Head of the Department in 1994-2006

From 1994 to 2006, the head of the department was its graduate of 1960, director of the Shirshov Institute of Oceanology of the Russian Academy of Sciences, Doctor of Physical and Mathematical Sciences, Corresponding Member of the Russian Academy of Sciences Sergey Sergeevich Lappo.

Under his leadership, the main topic of research was the global interoceanic circulation - the latest major discovery of oceanology at the turn of the 20th-21st centuries, the first co-author of which was himself.

Numerous ocean expeditions of the staff of the department and students to the region of the Subpolar North Atlantic, where the formation of the deep waters of the World Ocean - the main link of the "interocean conveyor" - has become a regular practice.

Since 2006, the department has been headed by Corresponding Member of the Russian Academy of Sciences, Doctor of Geographical Sciences, Professor Sergey Anatolyevich Dobrolyubov.

During its history, the Department of Oceanology of Moscow University has trained about 600 specialists. Graduates of the department now work in all oceanological centers of the former USSR.

The graduates of the department played an important role in academic science. First of all, we note Shirshov Institute of Oceanology.

The Department of Oceanology of Moscow State University has officially become the base department of the Institute of Oceanology. A great contribution to the work of the institute was made by students of the oceanological school B.N. Filyushkin, V.I. Kuksa, E.A. Plakhin, A.V. Leonov, I.D. Lozovatsky, G.M. Zhikharev, A.B. Rabinovich, E.V. Semenov. Among the current leaders of the institute and its laboratories, there are many graduates of the oceanological school: A.V. Sokov, S.K. Gulev, S.V. Pisarev, S.M. Shapovalov, V.P. Tereshchenkov.

The profile of graduates is an oceanographer. Graduates of the department work in all domestic organizations related to the study of the ocean, as well as in many foreign oceanological institutions.

Professional courses for students (undergraduate) of the Department of Oceanology:

Fundamentals of Oceanology
Structure of waters and water masses
Physical properties of sea water
Sea currents
Sea optics
Sea ice
Fundamentals of hydrobiology and commercial oceanology
Sea hydrology
Fundamentals of hydrochemistry
Ocean chemistry
Ocean acoustics
Marine ecology
Boundary surfaces in the ocean
Regional oceanography
Technical means and methods of observations in oceanology
Ocean-atmosphere interaction
Theoretical mechanics and fluid mechanics
Remote measurement methods in hydrometeorology
Automated methods for processing hydrometeorological informationHigher Mathematics (Additional Chapters)

Professional courses for students (master's degree) of the Department of Oceanology:

Oceanography of the shelf
Marine hydrological forecasts
Ecology of coastal waters
Satellite oceanology
International ocean exploration programs
Biogeochemical barriers in the shelf zone of the sea

Final state certification: State exam in the specialty "Oceanology"

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