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The XVII Brekhovskikh's Conference "Ocean Acoustics"

logo conf ak oc 2020 Shirshov Institute of Oceanology of RAS holds the XVII Brekhovskikh's Conference "Ocean Acoustics", combined with the XXXIII session of the Russian Acoustic Society.

19-23 October 2020
Venue: Big Conference Hall of the IO RAS, Moscow.
All meetings are organized using the Internet seminar system of Shirshov Institute of Oceanology of RAS -

By the beginning of the 17th Conference "Ocean Acoustics" and the XXXIII session of the Russian Academy of Education, a collection of reports with annotations in Russian and English was published:

Reports of the XVII Brekhovskikh's Conference "Ocean Acoustics"

In addition to publishing reports in the traditional format in a separate volume "Ocean Acoustics", based on the materials of the Conference, it is planned to publish selected reports prepared in the format of the journal "Oceanological Research". An agreement has been reached with the editorial board of the journal to publish a thematic issue in the amount of about 20 articles.


Organizing Committee of the Conference "Ocean Acoustics"
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