Andrey Lobanov

2024 Lobavnov A.A Director of the St. Petersburg Branch of the IO RAS
DSc (Technical Sciences)

St. Petersburg Branch of the IO RAS
Directorate of the IO RAS




 Education, academic degrees and titles:

  • 1997 – engineer-navigator, Lenin Komsomol VVMUPP;
  • 2009 – higher school teacher, VUNC “Naval Academy”;
  • 2010 – specialist in the field of management, VUNC “Naval Academy”;
  • 2015 – Candidate of Technical Sciences, JSC “GNINGI”;
  • 2022 – Doctor of Technical Sciences, JSC “GNINGI”.

Scientific interests:

  • justification and development of technical policy for the development of forces and means of the navigation, hydrographic and hydrometeorological support system of the Navy;
  • justification of proposals for the state armament program and state defense order;
  • development and improvement of strategic planning documents for state management of the state's defense and economic activities in the World Ocean, as well as support for the activities of state and military authorities in the implementation of national maritime policy.


  • Gratitude from the Defense Minister of the Russian Federation, 2012
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