Yuriy Novikov

Novikov Yuri Head of the Information Technology Department

IT Department
Scientific and auxiliary units of the Institute

36, Nakhimovskiy prospect, Moscow, 117997, Russia
+7(495)719-00-35, internal phone 0303

Born in 1986, graduated from the Moscow Institute of Electronics and Mathematics (MIEM) in 2008,
in 2016 he completed his postgraduate studies at the IO RAS with a degree in Oceanology.

In the Department of Information Technologies, Yuri is the head of the service department of the computer network of the Institute of Oceanology, which includes engineers - system administrators and adjusters.

The scope of the service department includes:

  • technical support and consulting for users of the Institute's network;
  • maintenance and repair of server equipment, computing and office equipment, network equipment;
  • connecting employees to the local network of the institute with access to the Internet;
  • registration of users in information services (corporate mail, network, cloud resources);
  • providing anti-virus protection; 
  • technical support of scientific events.

Also Yu.V. Novikov is responsible for administrative issues of interaction with suppliers of software and equipment, planning purchases of computers and telecommunications equipment, planning purchases of general-use software and specialized software for the needs of the Institute's employees; acquisition of licenses and material accounting.

Yu.V. Novikov and his service provide technical support to the Editorial Office of the journal "Oceanological Research" and register the Institute's scientific products in the CrossRef system.

Yu.V. Novikov conducts research work, his area of scientific interests is geoinformation technologies in oceanology, processing and visualization of primary expeditionary data by means of geoinformation systems; issues of data storage of marine expeditionary research. He published 5 scientific papers.

He was a member of 3 scientific expeditions: cruise 53 of the RV Akademik Ioffe, the 71st cruise of the RV Akademik Mstislav Keldysh, the 79th cruise of the RV Akademik Mstislav Keldysh to the shores of Antarctica.