Alexandеr Vereshchaka

Head of Laboratory
DSc (Biological Sciences)
Professor, Corresponding Member of RAS

Laboratory of Plankton Communities Structure and Dynamics
Marine Ecology

36, Nakhimovskii prospect, Moscow, 117997
+7(499)124-79-40, internal phone 0516

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Corresponding Member of RAS (2011), DSc (Biological Sciences) (1999), Head of Laboratory of plankton communities structure and dynamics marine ecology (2008).

In 1987 he graduated from the Faculty of Biology of Moscow State University. Specialist in the field of bio-oceanology.

Main areas of research: biology of the ocean bottom layer, structure and functioning of deep-sea communities, hydrothermal ecosystems, biodiversity of marine crustaceans, evolution of marine biota, marine nanobiota (archaea, prokaryotes, small eukaryotes).

He showed that in the World Ocean there is a special biotope - benthopelagial, which is distinguished by changes in abiotic parameters, faunistically and biocenotically.

Using standard collection tools and visual observations from the manned submersible Mir, he described the structure of deep-sea communities in the water column at macro-, meso- and microscales, and developed the concept of a three-dimensional hydrothermal ecosystem.

Described 2 new families of shrimp, about 50 new genera and species of crustaceans.

He wrote two textbooks: "Biology of the Sea" for general students and "Fundamentals of Marine Ecology" for students related to applied astronautics. 

He is a professor of applied ecology at the Moscow state University of geodesy and cartography since 1999 (author's course “Ecology of the sea”), reads the author's course “Planktonology” at MSU since 1996.

He was invited to give lectures on the biology of the sea and for joint work in France, USA, Denmark, Norway, New Zealand. He has supervised 3 Ph. D. thesis.

He is the Chairman of the Commission on ecology of the International Committee "Peace to the oceans", one of the authors of the government document "Criteria for evaluation of ecological situation of territories for revealing zones of extraordinary ecological situation and zones of ecological disaster".

He participated in many international expeditions, more than 20 times he got down in the manned submersible "Mir".

He is the author of 75 publications, including 4 monographs (2 in English) and 5 monographs with co-authors. He is the executive editor of 3 monographs.