Laboratory of Hydrological Processes

Head: Prof. Evgeniy Morozov
Department of Ocean Dynamics

Абиссальныйканал Вима набатиметрическойкарте

The main directions of study:

Topographic forcing of circulation and internal waves.
Currents in the abyssal channels of the Atlantic (Vema channel; Romanche, Chain, Vema, etc. fracture zones).м Internal tides.
Inertial oscillations. Ocean currents.

Polar oceanography group:
Large-scale and mesoscale processes in the Arctic Ocean.
North Atlantic water masses, their formation, climatic variations and thermohaline circulation.

The Laboratory of Hydrological Processes was organized by V.G. Kort in 1965. The Laboratory carried on experimental measurements in the ocean and data interpretation. Later, the laboratory changed its field of research and was renamed. E.G. Morozov was a senior scientist of this Laboratory. In 1993, E.G. Morozov became head of the Laboratory of Internal Waves. In 2011, this laboratory widened the number of scientists and scope of its activity. It was renamed as the Laboratory of Hydrological Processes as a successor of the historical laboratory...


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