Alexander Ivanenko

IvanenkoHead of Laboratory
PhD (Geological and Mineralogical Sciences)

Geophysical Fields Laboratory
Marine Geology

A.N. Ivanenko graduated in 1977 from the department of applied mathematics of the Faculty of Mechanics and Mathematics of Kharkov State University, after which he began his scientific career in Kamchatka at the Institute of Volcanology, Far Eastern Branch of the Russian Academy of Sciences. There he began to develop and implement technology for processing marine geomagnetic surveys, in which he himself took part in numerous expeditions on the RV Vulcanologist. In 1990, under the guidance of A.M. Gorodnitsky and L.P. Zonenshain, he defended his thesis “Modeling the magnetic field of seamounts to study their structure and evolution.” In 1999, he was seconded to the laboratory of geomagnetic research at the Shirshov Institute of Oceanology of RAS. In 2002 he was elected to the position of senior researcher. Since 2023, he has been the head of the laboratory of geophysical fields.

A.N. Ivanenko is a well-known specialist in magnetic anomalies of underwater volcanoes and mountains; he has developed original methods for interpreting geomagnetic data, which made it possible to study the structure and evolution of a large number of underwater volcanoes. Ivanenko made a huge contribution to the development of mathematical methods for solving the inverse problem of marine magnetic exploration; he created a number of original algorithms and programs that made it possible to study the structure of the magnetically active layer in various parts of the World Ocean. He modified and developed a multifunctional set of programs for primary processing of marine geomagnetic data MATROS-IV, which is used on all voyages on ships of the Institute of Oceanology RAS.

A.N. Ivanenko is a co-author of three monographs, the author of more than 80 scientific publications, and a repeated participant in international, all-Union and all-Russian scientific conferences.

A.N. Ivanenko is a participant in a large number of scientific voyages to various areas of the World Ocean. He is the inspirer, organizer and leader of almost all ocean geomagnetic research at the Institute of Oceanology of RAS in recent years.