Alla Lein

Main Researcher
Doctor of Geology and Mineralogy, Professor

Lisitsyn Laboratory of Physico-Geological Studies
Marine Geology

36, Nakhimovskiy prospect, Moscow, 117997, Russia
Phone: +7(495)129-21-45

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Geologist, doctor of geological-mineralogical Sciences, Professor (2001), RANS academician, chief researcher of the Laboratory of physico-geological studies

In 1958 she graduated from the Department of lithology, petrography and geochemistry of sedimentary rocks of I.M.Gubkin Moscow oil Institute.

To work in the Institute of Oceanology she moved from the GEOKHI RAS in may 1998. From 1972 to 2005 she participated in many marine expeditions of the IO RAS and other organizations.

The focus of work is the study of the geochemical and biogeochemical cycles of elements and metals. She is a leading scholar in the field of isotope Geochemistry.

She is one of the authors of radioisotope methodology for the quantitative analysis of the rate of biogeochemical processes of sulfur and carbon cycle in sediments and water column of reservoirs. She created a quantitative model of the sulfur and carbon cycle in the Black and Baltic seas. The developed methodology of complex analysis of modern sediments of water bodies (lithologic-mineralogical, isotopic-geochemical, and radioisotope) are used for environmental monitoring.

She has developed models of the processes of primary and secondary chemosynthesis in the ocean, made the first quantitative estimates of products of chemosynthesis and methanotrophy on the active methane seeps and deep sea hydrothermal fields in the ocean.

In addition to photo and chemosynthetic sources of production of organic matter, it was opened the third methane formed during the oxidation of methane by methanotrophic microorganisms (in cooperation with the biologists from INMI RAS).

She is a member of the specialized Council for GIN, a member of the Editorial Board of the International projects on problems of the environment of the International Council of Scientific Unions. At different times she was a member of the International Committee on problems of the biogeochemistry of the environment, gave a course of lectures on the global biogeochemical cycles of elements at the Geological faculty of Lomonosov Moscow state University, for many years was a member of the editorial Board of the journal "Geochemistry".

She is the author of over 250 articles and 8 collective monographs, 6 of which were published abroad.

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