About the laboratory

Esper Ostroumov
Professor Igor Volkov
Alexander Dubinin
Alexander Dubinin

Laboratory of Geochemistry

Founded in 1988.
Founders - Professor Esper Ostroumov and Honored Worker of Science, Professor Igor Volkov. Igor Volkov was the first head of the laboratory.
Since 2002, the laboratory was headed by Alexander Dubinin.

Science and engineering staff of Laboratory: Professor Alexander V Leonov, senior researcher Tatyana Yu. Uspenskaya, senior researcher Maria N. Rimskaya-Korsakova, researcher Oksana Chicherina, researcher Eugenia Berezhnaya, researcher Tatyana Demidova, senior engineer Olga Netuzhilkina, assistant Lyubov Semilova, assistant Yuriy Karzhavin, assistant Timur Safin

Well-known scientists had previously worked in the lab: Professor Lev Gurvich, D.Sc. Vyacheslav Sval’nov, D.Sc. Maria Nesterova, D.Sc. Maria Barkovskaya

The main directions of the research:

  • Development of methods for the determination of trace elements in the water and sediments
  • Investigation of the sulfur forms in the sulfidic water
  • The isotope composition of sulfur, carbon, oxygen and hydrogen in water basins with anaerobic conditions
  • Mathematical modeling of biohydrochemical processes
  • Geochemistry of sedimentation and ore-forming processes in the oceans and seas
  • Indicator role of trace elements in the ore-forming processes in the ocean
  • Genesis of ferromanganese nodules and crusts in the oceans and seas

Main scientific achievements of lab staff

The world's first work on the geochemistry of rare earth elements in sediments of the oceans and seas
Ostroumov E.A. Rare earths in the deep sediments of the Black Sea. Dokl. USSR Academy of Sciences. 1953. T.91. №5 (in Russian).

Development of methods for determination of reduced sulfur forms in the sediments (1959) and water (1990) of the anaerobic basins
Volkov I.I., Zhabina N.N. Method for determination of reduced sulfur compounds in seawater // Oceanology. 1990. T.30. №5 (in Russian).

The first in Russia (1993) work on the method of determination of rare earth elements in geological samples by mass spectrometry with inductively coupled plasma.
DUBININ A.V. Mass spectrometry with inductively coupled plasma: Determination of rare earth elements in standard samples of ocean sediment genesis // Geochemistry. 1993. № 11. P.1605-1619.

Development of the method for determination of low rare earth elements concentrations in sulfide minerals
RIMSKAYA-KORSAKOVA M.N., DUBININ A.V. Determination of the rare-earth elements in sulfides by ICP-MS after the ion-exchange separation // ICP Information Newsletter. 2001. V.27. №4. P.286.

Development of the method for determination of gold and platinum group elements in Ocean ferromanganese deposits.
Berezhnaya E.D., Dubinin A.V. Determination of Platinum Group Elements and Gold in Ferromanganese Nodule Reference Samples // Geostandards and Geoanalytical Research. 2016. doi: 10.1111 / ggr.12130

Construction of a model for describing the formation of water salinity regime and anaerobic condition development (O2, H2S) after the start of the last salinization of the Black Sea (about 10 000 years ago)
Leonov A.V., Shaporenko S.I. Formation and evolution of the anaerobic zone of the Black Sea from the beginning of his last salinization to the modern state: a retrospective evaluation using mathematical modeling. Water resources. 2005. T. 32. № 3. S. 302 – 321 (in Russian).

First data on the composition of the rare earth elements in the ocean phillipsite.
Dubinin A.V. Geochemistry of rare earth elements in the oceanic phillipsites // Lithology and Mineral Resources. 2000. V.35. №2. P.124-131.

The discovery and first characterization of calcium-iron hydroxophosphate composition in hydrothermal ocean sediments.
Dubinin A.V. Geochemistry of Iron–Calcium Hydroxyphosphates in Pelagic Sediments: Origin and Compositional Evolution in the Course of Diagenesis // Geochemistry International. 2001. V. 39. №6. P.645-657.

Stable isotopes of oxygen, hydrogen and sulfur in the water of the Black Sea as an indicator of the dynamics of water masses and the rate of sulfate reduction
Dubinin A.V., Dubinina E.O., Demidova T.P., Kokryatskaya N.M., Rimskaya-Korsakova M.N., Kossova S.F., Yakushev E.V. Stable isotope evidence for the Bottom Convective Layer homogeneity in the Black Sea// Geochemical Transactions. 2014, 15:3. DOI: 10.1186/1467-4866-15-3

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