Shtokman Vladimir Borisovich (1909 -1968)

DSc (Physical and Mathematical Sciences), Professor
the founder of most physical laboratories of the IO RAS

Sysoev Nikolay Nikolaevich (1909-1964)

engineer-oceanologist, deputy director of the Institute of Oceanology
State Prize Laureate
one of the creators of a new strategy for oceanological research from large research vessels such as floating marine scientific institutes

Tatiana Malova

Scientific Secretary of the Academic Council Section

St. Petersburg Branch of the IO RAS


Udintsev Gleb Borisovich (1927-2017)

Soviet and Russian oceanologist-geomorphologist
Corresponding Member of RAS, DSc (Geographical Sciences), Professor
participant of the Great Patriotic War
twice laureate of the USSR State Prize

Ushakov Georgy Alekseevich (1901-1963)

geographer, polar explorer, Doctor of Geographical Sciences (1950), deputy director of the Institute of Oceanology (1945-1948), member of the USSR Geographical Society since 1926, Honored Polar Explorer of the USSR.

Valeriy Kovalenko

Team Leader in Applied Oceanology
PhD (Technical Sciences)

Valeriy Stukolov

Deputy Director for General Affairs

Directorate of the IO RAS

Victoria Shevarkova

Deputy Director for Property Management

Directorate of the IO RAS

Vladimir Tereshchenkov

Navy Assistant Director
PhD (Geographical Sciences)

Ocean expedition center
Directorate of the IO RAS

Vyacheslav Kremenetsky

Deputy Director for Scientific Work of Ocean Physics
PhD (Physical and Mathematical Sciences)

Ocean Physics,
Directorate of the IO RAS

Yastrebov Vyacheslav Semenovich (1932-2005) 

DSc (Technical Sciences) (1971), Professor (1978),
full member of the Russian Academy of Natural Sciences (1991),
Honored Worker of Science and Technology,
from 1987 to 1992 г. - Director of the Institute of Oceanology

Zenkevich Lev Alexandrovich (1889-1970)

biologist, corresponding member of the USSR Academy of Sciences (1953), academician (1968), laureate of the State Prize (1951), laureate of the Lenin Prize (1965), one of the founders of the Institute of Oceanology

Zinaida Kharlamova

Group of scientific and technical documentation
Chief Specialist

Zonenshain Lev Pavlovich (1929-1993)

geologist, corresponding member of RAS
specialist in geology and tectonics of oceans and continents

Михальцев Игорь Евгеньевич (1923-2010)

Океанолог, доктор технических наук
конструктор глубоководных аппартов «Мир»
Герой Социалистического Труда

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