Papanin Ivan Dmitrievich (1894-1986)

Doctor of Geographical Sciences (1938), Rear Admiral (1943), twice Hero of the Soviet Union (1937, 1940), head of the first Soviet drifting station SP-1 (1937-1938), head of the Glavsevmorput (1939-1946), head of the Marine Expeditionary Department works of the Academy of Sciences of the USSR (since 1951). Since the end of 1948, deputy director of the Institute of Oceanology for expeditions. He managed to transfer to the Institute several small vessels of the Ministry of Fisheries for exploring the shores of the Black and Far Eastern Seas.

On his initiative and with his active help, a decision was made by the USSR Council of Ministers on the design and construction of a series of research vessels, two of which, "Academician Kurchatov" and "Dmitry Mendeleev", were transferred to the Institute of Oceanology. With his help, expeditions of the Institute were organized, scientific equipment was acquired. He was a soviet arctic explorer.


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