Bogoyavlensky Alexey Nikolaevich (1913-1976)

Specialist in the field of chemical oceanology.

Graduated from the Chemistry Department of Moscow State University in 1940. Simultaneously with his studies, he works at the Central Scientific Research Institute of the Armed Forces of the USSR.

Since 1947 he has been admitted to the Institute as a junior researcher. He worked at the Institute for about 30 years. For many years, along with work in the chemical department, he served as the Scientific Secretary of the Institute of Oceanology.

One of the country's leading scientists in the field of chemical oceanology, organized hydrochemical research during the expeditions of the Institute, starting with the first voyages of the Vityaz.

He participated in 12 sea and ocean expeditions, in 8 expeditions he headed the hydrochemical team.

The first cycle of his research is devoted to the hydrochemistry of the seas of the Far East, as well as the deep-water Kuril-Kamchatka depression. In them, he showed himself as an original thinking, erudite explorer of seas, previously almost unexplored.

The second series of publications is devoted to the chemical oceanology of the Southern Ocean. In addition to numerous articles, this cycle includes a series of maps in the Atlas of Antarctica (1966) and the first consolidated work in the world literature, Hydrochemistry of the Southern Ocean Waters (1969).

This is followed by another series of studies on the geochemistry of silica in the World Ocean (1966 and others). Part of this original research, which has not lost its value to this day, was published in the collective monograph "Geochemistry of Silica" (1966).

As a qualified physical chemist, he paid great attention to the verification of methods of analysis, the development of new methods, the issues of reproducibility and accuracy of determinations on board of ships and in onshore laboratories.

He published a series of works (5 posts) on this topic, which is used by the hydrochemists of our country to this day. The main provisions of these studies are included in the instructions and guidelines for conducting research in chemical oceanology.

He was one of the first researchers who began the separate analysis of suspended and dissolved forms of elements in seawater. Together with A.P. Lisitsyn began these works in Antarctic expeditions, and then in the Soviet-Cuban expedition, etc. This series of works marked the beginning of a new stage in hydrochemical research, when the gross determinations were replaced by analyzes of the forms of elements and compounds in seawater. Currently, these methodological techniques are accepted by hydrochemists and geochemists all over the world. Many of his works have become classics, included in textbooks and manuals. Several of his graduate students have successfully defended their dissertations.

He led the intercalibration of hydrochemical research methods in the USSR, was a member of the international working group of the Special Committee for Oceanographic Research.

Author of 30 scientific papers, as well as a significant number of publications on special topics.

He was awarded the Order of the USSR Badge of Honor and the Medal For Valorous Labor during the Great Patriotic War.

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