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The scientific Journal of Oceanological Research is published since 1959 by special thematic issues and is a well-known printed publication. 

Since 2017, the journal has been published in an electronic online version in the field of ocean sciences and publishes original scientific articles on topical issues of technology development for marine research, theoretical and experimental results in physical, chemical, biological and geological oceanology, marine ecosystem research, ocean processes and the atmosphere and their interaction, including using information technologies and satellite monitoring to solve the fundamental and applied problems of the oceanology.

Journal website

Editorial board of the official information portal of the Institute of Oceanology (OCEAN.RU)


Sergey Sviridov - Chief Editor
Irina Umanskaya - administrator, content manager
Ekaterina Serdtseva - site administrator, WEB-designer
Irina Novikova - editor, content manager
Andrey Muratov - system administrator

Official website - OCEAN.RU

Print ISSN: 1564-2291 Online ISSN: 2587-9634

Andrey Kostianoy – Editor-in-Chief, DSc (Physical and Mathematical Sciences), Professor
Sergey Sviridov - Managing Editor
Olga Pintar - editor 
Julia Vorobyova - literary editor
Natalia Shishkina - text layout designer
Natalia Lyakhova - designer-typesetter of printing
Evgeniy Danilin - system administrator
Andrey Muratov - Journal portal system administrator

Journal website: JOR.OCEAN.RU

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